About me

Hi, it's Dara. A lover of music, dance, theater, painting, photography. I have always wanted to make art my way of life.

I remember the first photography lab I had met. My parents created it in a little room on the rooftop of the house. I thought they made magic. How only with light, was it possible to capture images on paper ... I was fascinated.

The negatives and the developing photos was a very expensive process back then, so I spent hours drawing and copying portraits that I saw in magazines. Unintentionally, I was educating myself in the photographic composition of portraits.

The day I saw how a Polaroid worked, I thought it fulfilled everything I wanted. To be able to capture the piece of reality that I wanted and to be able to see it right away instantly. There could be no better invention. The seconds of waiting before the photo appeared seemed like an eternity, but being able to see a silhouette that appeared gradually and ended up as an exact copy of reality, was to see real magic in my own hands. 'Magic exists,' I thought with astonishment. Even then they were very expensive materials to spend hours experimenting with.

Years later I have created my little laboratory also on the rooftop of my house. And I have turned it into my center of experimentation. A photography laboratory is a very gratifying craft work experience. I waited until it got dark, so that no light could enter through the gaps of the door, and there I spent the night, ending the session when the rays of light in the morning were sneaking through the little holes that I had not covered well with the black sellotape.

With the experience of handle digital cameras, 'dadada photography' is born. A project of portrait photography that allows me to make of my hobby my profession, with a very personal style, and where I create compositions with what each location offers me, taking the best of them to convert them into the ideal frame setting for each person. I enjoy creating unique portraits, leaving me amazed by what the location offers me. A work with natural light that allows me to create a unique and intimate environment. I love to compose and adapt myself to the style that each person needs.

My professional experience in the theater, perfomances, musical shows, as a model, and as a drama teacher, have given me knowledge to guide you in the search for the ideal pose in a natural way and make a photo shoot a lovely and unique experience.

"I know how to capture and show the beauty of each one" - dadada photography

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